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   SUNDAY, October 28, 2012


          THE BIG STORY

          Carroll continues his discussion (see last week's show) about an illegal dumpsite near Whitmore Village.  Glad Landscaping & Tree Trimming had a contract with DLNR Division of Boating and Recreation to clean up debris from the Ala Wai Canal.   The waste is supposed to go to a landfill, but was found on land leased from Dole near Whitmore Village.  Two other companies,  Ideal Innovations and Sea Alaska, are also dumping at the site.   DOH advised us that Glad has a green waste permit, but there is much more than green waste on the property.

          Now, two drivers have come forward to talk about the illegal dumping.   The first driver tells us a small gully, about 30 feet deep, has been filled with waste including cement, asphalt, metals, and plastic.  The dumping is occurring behind a locked gate, but owners of the companies told Cox the public is doing the illegal dumping.  Later a second driver tells us more about the Whitmore site.   He estimates  just one company dumped over 70 tractor trailer loads of mixed material waste.  Also, he thought the green waste was supposed to be turned into mulch.  Instead it is just stacking up and becoming a fire hazard.  (See attached photos.)    Carroll contacted DOH, but it seems they are showing very little interest in the problem.

          The second hour Carroll talks about "institutional bullying", illustrated by the uneven handling of issues at the Whitmore dumpsite, and on Hawaiian Home Lands leased by the Hawaii Community Development Board/ Kali Watson. Carroll compares this to what happened recently at the Kalaeloa Race Track.  The race track was fined a large sum of money because they refused to allow DOH on their property for an inspection after a complaint was made.  This forced DOH to get a search warrant.  The race track was then fined $10,000 for making DOH get the warrant.   In comparison, DOH did not look into problems on Kali Watson's property because Watson did not answer his phone.   Why didn't he get a search warrant?   Problems are still occurring and we recently filed another complaint.   It looks like our government is prosecuting individuals and small companies, but  large companies are getting a pass.

          How bad is it?   Link here for more pictures.

          Also, a caller points out the government is setting a bad example to the public, particularly with all the old military housing, containing asbestos, that is being torn down and replaced.    Where is all that going?


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