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   SUNDAY, October 21, 2012


          Carroll talks about an illegal dumpsite near Whitmore Village, and the problem he is having getting records, or even concern, from the state.     Who or what are they protecting?    Glad Landscaping & Tree Trimming had a contract with DLNR Division of Boating and Recreation to clean up debris from the Ala Wai Canal.   The waste is supposed to go to a landfill, but was found on land leased from Dole near Whitmore Village.  Carroll recovered some records and has taken pictures at the site,  Now, he is trying to get a copy of the contract and other information from the state.   Two other companies,  Ideal Innovations and Sea Alaska, are also dumping material from Schofield Barracks at the site.   Our concern, the site is a watershed area.    It definitely should not be a dumpsite containing hundreds of tons of iron, concrete, other debris, and possibly contaminated soil.   The state vigorously prosecutes individuals and small companies while ignoring large sites such as this, with hundreds of truckloads of debris.  Too big to handle?  

           The second hour Carroll talks about the Kaukonahua Bridge near Wahiawa and Schofield Barracks.   Witnesses reported hearing popping and cracking sounds when wind turbines, headed for the North Shore, were transported over the bridge. Carroll  took pictures of concrete sluffing off the bridge supports, possibly caused by stress  (see attached photos showing the state of disrepair).  Carroll requested documents from the Dept. of Transportation, but is having trouble there, too.  Is  it safe to route major traffic over the bridge while the Karston Thot Bridge is being repaired?

          Carroll also continues his discussion regarding a nonprofit organization of Hawaiians leasing land in Nanakuli from Hawaiian Home Lands.  They are proposing to take federal money to develop the property, which means the homes need to be open to everyone, not just Hawaiians. (Listen to our 8/26 show for more info.) Carroll tells us about his research into special treatment on leases and non-bid contracts the Hawaiian Community Development Board /  Kali Watson received from the state and DHHL.  

          We all need to get together and demand accountability from our government!


        Near Whitmore Village.  What's Behind the scene?

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        A troubled bridge over troubled waters.......


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