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   SUNDAY, October 27, 2019


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        October 27, 2019  

        Carroll repeats his show from April 6, 2014..


        Non-Hawaiians get the red carpet, while native Hawaiians get the high bar

        Carroll points out the DHHL's policy of leasing land to companies owned by people who are not native Hawaiian, then allowing those companies to dump on and pollute the land while not paying for their leases.    We've already talked about PASHA and Road & Highway Builders  (8/18/13).    Another example is FCS, Inc. owned by Floyd Carns.  After complaints were made,  allegedly FCS, Inc. picked up a toxic chemical, calcium hydroxide, from Road & Highway Builders for disposal.   However, now it is illegally dumped on FCS property, also leased from DHHL.    It is reported FCS is also behind on their lease payments, and they did not have insurance for a 6-month period in 2012.  When questioned about the status of FCS's leases and violations, DHHL said FCS was in "holdover" status.  Allegedly,  Carns also has a residence on the property.  Why aren't native Hawaiians, such as George Grace, given leases, granted "holdover" status or given the same treatment for their businesses?  (8/25/18).    Instead, we are finding native Hawaiians are ignored and harassed when they try to get leases.   They are not being given places to live, as promised, and when they finally receive a home, it is defective.   Why is DHHL allowing their land to be so heavily abused?    Link here to pictures showing the condition of FCS and other properties on Hawaiian Homelands.     Link here to a letter of complaint Carroll wrote to Jobie Masagatani, head of DHHL, asking for enforcement of the law.  (Read more about Masagatani here).    Why isn't the Abercrombie administration leading the state out of this mess?

        Link here to our story on HawaiiNewsNow, April 8, 2014

        Link here to HawaiiNewsNow's update to story on April 10 - FCS's cleanup causes more problems


        Also on  Hawaii News Now:  - our story about the Halawa "Tar Pit", April 7, 2014      (see our Show of 3/30/14 for more info)


                                                                       Department of Hawaiian Homelands - a sad situation


        FCS workers on the scene


            The rest of the property

        Abercrombie administration zips lips on the zipper lane   

        We found some disturbing information about the zipper lane.   First, we wondered why the project for the afternoon westbound lane was canceled.  During our inquiries we learned Safety System's contract was expiring and the new contract was up for bid.  The bidding process included disclosure of names of skilled and certified personnel who would be running the Zip Mobile.   Apparently the winner of the contract named workers from Safety Systems that have a one-year, non-competitive clause in their contract with Safety Systems.  Therefore, the winner of the contract does not meet minimum requirements for the contract.   Abercrombie  and the Department of Transportation will not release documents connected to the project, and Safety Systems is appealing to the Office of Information Practices to get access.  Politics are at play once again.

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      The zip mobile drivers are highly skilled and certified


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