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   SUNDAY, March 30, 2014



        Carroll provides more information about the many Red Hill Fuel Tank spills that occurred since 1945.  During the legislative  "hearing" we were told by the Navy and the Department of Health a total of 1.2 million gallons of fuel oil was spilled.  Carroll pulled additional records and found that 1.3 million gallons were spilled on  just one occasion.   This means 5+ million gallons of fuel has been spilled.  Then, on a tip, Carroll went to Halawa where he found patches of a tar-like substance bubbling up from the ground.   The Department of Health documented the site back in 2003, saying it wasn't toxic, and nothing was ever done.  Why? The DOH says the source was something released in 1968, and  was probably spillage from a roofing job.    But, this does not make sense.    How would spilling from a rooftop get under a parking lot?      And, how much was spilled if this much is bubbling up?   Even the roofing company said it was not possible, and that it was most likely coming from a source underground.   The Navy owned the property until 1968. Then the Navy's buildings were demolished and the property turned over to the state.    The site was designated as a FUD site, (Formerly Used for Defense site) but, the Army Corps of Engineers did not acknowledge the fact.  Is the Army Corps of Engineers attempting a coverup? Once again, that site was a military facility having an adverse impact on the environment, and particularly on a site located above or near a major aquifer serving a large portion of Oahu.

        To make matters worse, Carroll found documents talking about a pit in Halawa where the Department of Agriculture buried Malathion, DDT and other pesticides of  an unknown quantity.     The EPA documented the site in 1983 and statements were made to the effect that the waste "does not present a problem at the present time".      Other documents discuss a 25,000 square foot pit in Ewa Beach where the Brewer Chemical Company disposed of their pesticide waste.    Is our drinking water really as safe as they say?

        Callers talk about the many alien species brought into Hawaii.  Carroll provides some background to the situation, including what the Department of Agriculture and Department of Land and Natural Resources were doing back in 1990 when he served as a Special Agent for the Fish and Wildlife Service.       

        Update 4/7/14:   See our story on Hawaii News Now!

        Here are pictures of the oily substance in the Halawa parking lot, below the Red Hill Fuel Tanks.   What do you think?  




        Notice - Upcoming Event:   The People's Walk to commemorate the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the effects of racism on all people including minimum wage,  poverty today, and the homeless, will take place at the State Capitol on Friday, April 4,  from 4 - 6:30 p.m.       Link here for more information and a map of the walk.


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