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   SUNDAY, August 25, 2013


        Carroll talks with George Grace III about problems he is having with the State, and the City and County of Honolulu regarding his racetrack property in Kalaeloa.   In 2008 the City exempted George Grace's property, leased from the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL), from permit requirements because it is sovereign land.  Then,  months later, after he stockpiled tons of soil to  build and maintain his racetrack, the Dept. of Planning and Permitting and DHHL reversed their decision and started fining him for "stockpiling".     However, other companies on sovereign land have been exempted from permit requirements for the same reason, including Close Construction and Road and Highway Builders, LLC.   The Navy has also been afforded exemptions, including permits for Waikele Caves where a deadly fire took place several years ago.

        Reportedly, the reason for the exemption reversal was because of media inquiry.  In fact, Governor Abercrombie's deputy recently told George that if Carroll and other media were not asking questions, "We could swing a deal with you". 

        Why are the City and State hammering George Grace III?   He is being vilified in the media, but there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes.  He has spent years quietly trying to straighten out the mess without results.   Now George has come forward saying,  "Anytime Hawaiians have a problem, it comes from inside the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands."    All agencies, City, State and DHHL are at fault and today George tells, and shows us, what is going on.   This is another  example of government corruption by preventing the building of a racetrack so many people want and need.  Listeners call in to support George Grace III and his racetrack.


        Close Construction Inc - letter saying it does not need a permit because it is on DHHL Land

        Road and Highway Builders, LLC - letter saying it does not need a permit

        Letter revoking permit for George Grace's property on DHHL land


                                         One of the businesses allowed to operate on DHHL land









                                                          Wahine Hapai


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