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   SUNDAY, October 14, 2012


          Carroll's guest is Eric Ryan, who brings us up to date on the status of his complaints and allegations regarding the offices and political campaigns of Kymberly Pine and Tom Berg.  Last week Tom Berg was fined for not reporting a campaign donation of 24 T-shirts.  This may seem like a small thing, but it is just the tip of the iceberg  with more hearings to come.  Eric talks about the inner-workings and what happens behind the scenes of a political campaign.  Last year Kym Pine requested a TRO against Eric because "he made her sad" after his allegations against her.  Recently he was arrested while sign-waving in Kapolei after Kym and her sign wavers showed up and started sign-waving  down the block.   Eric tells us Kym called the police because he was nearby.  Listen to today's show to hear more campaign stories.

          The west side of Oahu has been woefully under-represented for many years due to the resignation of Todd Apo and the choice of replacements.**   Unfortunately, as in so many cases, the attitude in Hawaii is "kill the messenger", not fix the problem.   

          Listen to our shows on  7/24/11 and 7/31/11 for the original story.  Visit Eric's websites regarding  Kym Pine and Tom Berg to see his documentation of the issues.  Stay tuned pending issues still under review by the  Hawaii State Campaign Spending Commission.   We will report their decision when it is made.

          **  An interesting footnote:   Kymberly Pine is vacating her State Representative seat to run for City Council.  City Councilman Tom Berg won his seat in a special election after Todd Apo quit.  State Representative Jo Jordan and State Senator Maili Shimabukuro were appointed by the governor.  How efficient is our government and who is representing who?    






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