SUNDAY, July 31, 2011



      Eric Ryan, the center of an escalating political controversy with Rep. Kymberly Pine, Councilman Tom Berg and others, returns to discuss politics in Hawaii.  Eric plays several recordings of Tom Berg in action, showing what life is like behind the scenes. Tom Berg calls in  to explain the background behind the recordings and why he was frustrated, ranting and fighting for the people.  Other callers also sound off.

      Last week, on 7/28, an anonymous website attacking Eric, and this show, was launched. Read more about the website and the controversy here.

      Eric also talks about the politics and lies behind the rail project.   He was an insider  and knows some of the dealings.  Per Eric, studies say traffic will be 60% worse in 2035.  The rail is not about moving people, it is a  "development project" and a  "jobs program".      

      If you haven't done so, listen to our show from last week, 7/24, with Eric Ryan, and view the website that started it all,  www.kympineisacrook.com.