SUNDAY, July 24, 2011



      Today's guest is Eric Ryan, center of a controversy with Rep. Kymberly Pine and Councilman Tom Berg that has had a lot of media coverage.  However, all we  have heard are one-sided accusations of hacking and other crimes from Ms. Pine, and character assassination from Mr. Berg, who fired him from his staff when the controversy started.  

      Ms. Pine and media sources say, "we've heard enough on this subject, let's move on",  but have we heard enough?   Twisting the truth and circling the wagons....politics is a dirty game....

      Eric is a campaign manager and media developer who was a major player in both Pine's and Berg's successful political campaigns and then worked as Tom Berg's chief of staff.   He knows the Republican Party inside out. Today we get to hear what he has to say about the subject.

      Here is Eric's website documenting the situation.

      The Republican Party is in disarray and cannot go on like this.  The Democrats are not always right either.   We need two good parties for checks and balances.  Stop the attacks and  lies and get down to business!