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          Carroll gets serious about the culture of corruption in Hawaii.   He illustrates with a story about Navy-owned land around the Waipio Soccer Field  being used as an unauthorized dumping ground of contaminated and hazardous materials by the City.  Now about 2,000 tons of material, dumped by  the City, Goodfellow Bros.  Inc. and other unknown entities,  are being removed at a cost to the City of $39 a ton and Goodfellow Bros. Inc., at $95 a ton.   (See document attached.)   In November, 2011, Mayor Carlisle said the City, who leased the land from the Navy, did not know who was illegally dumping park and playground equipment, dirt, etc. and would initiate an internal investigation.    However, Carroll has documentation that the City was doing the dumping and Mayor Carlisle as well as Managing Director, Interim Mayor and now candidate for Mayor of Honolulu Kirk Caldwell knew about it.    He also ties a number of other people to the site, including a security company owned by Mufi Hannemann's cousin.   Why did they lie to the public?    Why is land next to our keiki's soccer field being used to dump contaminated materials?  (Link here to see more pictures of the mess and cleanup.)

          Board of Water Supply truck being used to clean up mess.

          The second hour Carroll, and guest Calvin Griffin, continue the discussion about corruption,  including bringing us up to date about trash trucks purchased by Carlisle and Caldwell in 2010 that cannot be used for what they were purchased for,  a 3-man crew for bulky item pickup.    Another waste of hundreds of thousands  of taxpayers' dollars.   (Carroll first talked about this in May, 2011.)  



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