SUNDAY, May 15, 2011


      Carroll,  KWAI Radio Host Poka Laenui, and  Professor Panos Prevedorous discuss  what "locals"  vs people not born in Hawaii know about Hawaii's issues -  particularly its infrastructure, energy, transportation, and the state of the rail.  

      Rail pre-engineering work has started on the Waianae coast although the rail project is still in the planning and design phase.  Trees are being moved and core samples gathered.   Although they can't start building the superstructure, the city can start clearing the way.   


      There is also a developing issue at the "Banana Patch" rail site in Pearl City.   Mr. Richard Lee, the owner of the land, stores heavy equipment for his business there.  He is being pressured to clean up contaminated soil and sell the land to the city.   Not all of it is needed for the rail.  The rest will be used for development, but by whom?  Is Mr. Lee getting a fair deal?

      The second hour Carroll talks with Mr. Jim Bannigan about Schnitzer's deal with the city for reduced fees to put ASR (automobile scrap residue)  from their metal shredding business in the landfill.  The discount was created in the 90's when the price of scrap metal was low and recycling a big issue.  Prices have doubled since then.  Schnitzer and other large metal recycling companies are making big profits, so the city is proposing  to take back the discount to save the city approximately $2 million.  But Bannigan proposes  the  bill should also include language to keep the tax break for smaller businesses.    He is asking listeners to look at City Council Bill 37 and then request their councilmember to include language in the bill  to keep discounts for businesses that have documented proof of their need in order to keep recycling.

      The final topic is the city's eight new bulky item  trucks that are sitting unused in the city yard because they are supposed to hold a driver plus two workers.  The truck cab does not accommodate  three large frame people, and becomes a safety hazard.  Mr. Mark Tilker's company won the bid to furnish and deliver the trucks to the city.   He is also Chairman of the Honolulu Police Commission (conflict of interest?)  Almost $1,908,153.63  were spent on the trucks(RFP-ENV-177218)..  A caller also mentioned the purchase of eight city buses that do not accommodate wheelchairs.   City Council members took trips to look at the trucks - what did they see?    Why are we constantly buying tools and equipment that do not work?      Sound familiar?

      How is this happening under the watchful eye of Mayor Peter Carlisle:?  While he is having his "Halelujah Moment" we, the taxpayers are catching hell.   May 21st may not be so bad after all.



    The web of influence stretches wide



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      New trucks doing nothing


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