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   SUNDAY, September 8, 2013


        Carroll and Poka Laenui talk about the issues of dumping sludge from Hawaii Kai in Waianae.

        The Hawaii Kai Marina Community Association (HKMCA), in their dredging permits,  was given specific sites around the marina and in the ocean for the disposal of the sludge dredged from their marina. There was no permit or reference for dumping sludge on  SER Trucking's property in Waianae.  How did it end up there?   Worse, during the long haul, some of it ended up on the H-1 Freeway, blocking traffic for four hours!

        The DLNR Conditional Use application (CDUA OA-3584) issued to HKMCA indicated there would be no land transportation so a traffic study was not done.   It also stated  they would only be working Monday thru Friday.  So, why was the sludge truck on the freeway on Saturday?

        Johnnie Mae Perry, Waianae Neighborhood Board representative, reads information from various official documents regarding dredging and disposal of materials.    She also notes the DLNR Conservation Use Permit includes a statement that the permit will be null and void if violated.   Therefore, dumping must stop now, and the sludge returned to its origin after permits issued to clean it up.   

        More Information:   In August, residents of  the Hawaiian Homestead and others complained to various government entities, including their City Councilwoman, Kymberly Pine, about the dumping,  but nothing came of it.  

        In August, Kymberly Pine's office was told by DPP everything was okay.   They then told the community there was nothing more to do.  But, why didn't Pine follow up and investigate what looked suspicious enough to garner so many citizen complaints?   Now she has stated, in no uncertain terms, she wants the material shipped back to Hawaii Kai immediately.    Link here to DPP's, and Kymberly Pine's,  response to complaints.

        Carroll and Poka also discuss HKMCA's President, Robert Clark  (he is also head of the Communications Committee), calling the Waianae Community "ignorant" for complaining about "good fill dirt".  

        Note:  On  Saturday, August 31, 2013, Carroll was at the site of the H-1 spill.  He sent pictures to the Star Advertiser, KHON, KGMB, and KITV, including information that the spill was not cement or dirt, as was being reported, but material dredged from the Hawaii Kai Marina being transported to Waianae by SER Trucking.   Link here to Carroll's show on 9/1 when he first discussed SER Trucking.   This information was not reported by the media until several days later.   Link here to Carroll's emails of 8/31.



        SECOND NOTICE OF VIOLATION 9/23/13 - Trucking business on AG land


        Conservation District Use Application (CDUA)

        Department of the Army Permit

        Carroll's formal complaint sent to the Corp of Engineers

        A letter regarding the situation and who is responsible for environmental injustice.

        Hawaii Kai Marina Associate website







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