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   SUNDAY, September 1, 2013


        Carroll starts the show with a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.    Carroll then tells us how King's many speeches are still relevant today and apply to all people.  He had a dream, but he had a whole lot more to say.   

        Yesterday afternoon Carroll was at the site of the H-1 Freeway closure.  While stuck in traffic and at a standstill, he checked the internet and learned it was being reported as either dirt or cement. Obviously that raised his suspicions.  Both literally and figuratively it sure did not smell right. Logically, from past research, he determined,  and then verified,  the material was dredged from streams in Hawaii Kai.  The heavy "mud" was being hauled to Waianae by SER Trucking, Inc. How safe was it for the firemen and police officers cleaning it up?  What is it, and where has the mud contents been transported to?   Link here to the story and more pictures .   If you or your car was impacted, call SER Trucking at 808-696-8492.

        The second hour also starts with a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   Then Carolyn Golojuch calls in with an update of the movement for gay marriage in Hawaii, and her disappointment with Governor Neil Abercrombie.

        Link here to more on our story about the H-1 Freeway




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         Here is what it did to the H-1:.








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         See more pictures and our story about how to work on the Hawaiian Railway Society's railroad.



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