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   SUNDAY, September 2, 2018


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    September 02, 2018,   Honolulu, Hawaii.  

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    Carroll talks about how hard it is to file complaints and work on problems with the government.    It seems they would rather cover up some problems instead of correcting them.   

    Carroll's first guest is Aaron Rutledge.   They talk about Dive Oahu's contract with the city to run beach concessions in Waikiki.  However,  Dive Oahu has not fulfilled requirements of the contract.   One claim is, the canoe captain did not have an active license.   A second claim the canoe captain failed the license renewal test, taken after the contract was granted.  A third claim is a deadline to fulfill the contract was extended, but, after his second test was canceled, Ed Underwood, Department of Land and Natural Resources, Department of Boating and Recreation said the captain did not need to take a test to renew his license, and just gave the individual a captains license to him.   However, the law is, a test is required.    

    Another claim, Dive Oahu did not immediately have the equipment needed to run the concession, so they did not open until a few weeks after the contract date.  And, they are also short of beachboys actually working on the beach.   Aaron then talks about the whole process of bidding and awarding the contract.   Aaron Rutledge is from Star Beachboys, the group that previously held the concession contract for 27 years.   

    The second hour Carroll talks with a boat owner about the situation at the state harbors during the hurricane threat.   Boat owners in Honolulu Harbor say they were concerned about how the situation was handled.  They were told their boats must either leave the harbor, or they were required to leave at least one person on the boat to monitor the situation.   Apparently the state was worried more about damage to the pier than human life.    They were also told they would not be able to use the pier or harbor for a year if they did not comply.    The caller's boat engine was broken, so he and his mom had to stay aboard.   What was she going to do in a bad storm?    

    A couple more topics.  The Board of Water Supply found kapuna iwi in their parking lot when doing some work.  The area was left exposed for a year or more.  It also took a long time for Carroll to get back the records he requested via Uniform Information Practices Act Request (UIPA).   Carroll also talks about the recent explosion and injured a worker at a recycler company on Kauai.  Carroll asks, how  could this happen?  What broke down along the chain of custody or ownership of the explosives?    























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