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   SUNDAY, February 18, 2018


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    February 18, 2018,   Honolulu, Hawaii.  

    Carroll  talks with members of a community in North Carolina having problems with changes to their bus service, similar to what is happening here.  The community is being isolated by a cut in bus service, particularly on Sundays, and the fact they increased the bus fare over 100%.   They also talk about how dangerous it is to get to the bus stops after crossing major streets and freeway entrances.   Inequitable service is not acceptable.    Carroll notes they are building a train in that area, same as here.   A local caller discusses the situation's similarity to what is happening here.

    Carroll talks with Richard Braunskill about a series of four films about global black history, entitled Hidden Colors.  The third film,  Hidden Colors 3; The Rules Of Racism,  will screen in Honolulu tomorrow night, 2/19,  at the Doris Duke Theatre.   Hidden Colors 4; the Religion of White Supremacy,  will screen next Monday, 2/25.     The four films were made between 2011 and 2016, and are becoming even more relevant today.  Google Search  "Hidden Colors" for more information about the series.    

    Carroll notes, this week there was a news story about an exhibit at Honolulu Hale that included pictures and stories of Obama growing up in Hawaii.   A large number of online comments  about the news story  were negative, and even shocking.     The exhibit will continue until the end of March, so you may want to catch it.    Carroll and Richard talk more about racism, what it means, and why we have Black History Month.  They would prefer black history would be an integral part of American history instead of just a side story one month a year.  When that finally happens, we will no longer need Black History Month.   They also talk about guns and how we bring up our children.        
















                             At the beach, both good and bad  






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      To adopt, call Carroll at 782-6627, or email carroll@carrollcox.com.     

      Join Carroll on www.envirowatch.org to view some of the environmental and corruption issues he investigated, and resolved, in the past.  You will also find him on YouTube at cox7826627 and on  facebook.  


      Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on Olelo Public Television, Channel 54.  
      Link here to a list of his shows.  They can also be viewed on  Olelo video on demand.  

















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