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   SUNDAY, MARCH 25, 2018


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    March 25, 2018,   Honolulu, Hawaii.  


    Carroll's guest is Eric Ryan, President of Hawaii Republican Action (HIRA).    They discuss City Councilwoman Kimberly Pine's claim last week,  in the Honolulu StarAdvertiser, that she resigned from the Republican Party because Donald Trump was elected President.   Her statement was made immediately after Charles Djou's announcement that he decided to leave the Republican Party due to Trump.   But, Eric Ryan tells us, Pine was kicked out of the Republican Party in December, 2016, because she financially supported and endorsed several Democratic candidates during the last election, and the recent StarAdvertiser story is FAKE NEWS.

    Carroll and Eric then talk about how politics causes so many problems.   Eric Ryan tells us how the money angle fits into politics, and is one of the reasons building and maintaining anything in Hawaii costs so much more than on the mainland.

    A caller asks if he can get his money back if he donated to someone who jumped parties.    Eric says politicians are not obligated to give money back.  The caller then notes,  "politicans changing parties are not honorable."  

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