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   SUNDAY, August 7, 2016


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          August 7, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll talks with mayoral candidate Tim Garry about issues of concern, the local media and the elections.  All but the top three candidates  have been ignored by the media.  They were told they do not have a chance so "why should we cover you?"   On today's show Tim Garry discusses issues he is concerned about,  including sewer spills, developers, ethics, the police commission, and rail.  
          Garry tells us there is sewage from multiple spills and storms in our waters and on our beaches.  The rest rooms are filthy and there is no soap.  How many diseases are we getting from the beach parks, and what are the tourists thinking?  Will all the bad publicity hurt the tourist trade?     A caller reminds us building codes are minimum standards so that is what we get.
          Carroll and Tim also talk about the lack of checks and balances,  favoritism, how former media reporters get jobs as agency spokespersons, and how some government workers with problems at one agency move on to another.   The Ethics Commission is in disarray and we are seeing the results.       
          If you have questions or want to talk, Tim's email address is timatthebeach@aol.com  

          The second hour Carroll talks about more problems at the Department of Land and Natural Resources headed by Suzanne Case.    Carroll has made several complaints, but nothing has happened.  This creates an environment that says "anything goes" and investigation of problems does not fit the agenda.     Carroll reviews some of the problems he has talked about in the past, and shared with Suzanne Case. Then he tells us about a new development.  There are allegations another  DOCARE officer is being accused of sexual misconduct. and misuse of a state vehicle.  Carroll has asked Suzanne Case and the department spokesperson for comment about the accusation.    Case fired her appointed DOCARE Chief, Thomas Friel,  for trying to clean up the department.   What message does this send?      
          Carroll and callers discuss some of the other candidates on the ballot including Charles Djou and Colleen Hanabusa, that go around and around.  They also discuss other problems the state is facing, including the outbreak of Hepatitis A.      Carroll tells us about research he did on the Food and Drug Administration website showing the number of fish imports rejected due to filth and unsanitary conditions.  Could the Hepatitis outbreak be due to imported fish?       
          Carroll talks about how hard it is to get public records, even though there is a law to obtain records.  The Uniform Information Practices Act (UIPA), and access to public records is important.  But Mayor Caldwell and government agencies are trying to make it hard to get documents, and sometimes  block access.  Carroll explains the process.  He also notes the law says access time is not to exceed 10 days, so, of course,  agencies take all 10 days to provide the documents.   
          Carroll has been trying to obtain records about an old dump next to, and possibly part of the new solar farm being built in Waianae.  He talked about the solar farm  on  last week's show.   Carroll is concerned some of the dust from the construction activity is from digging up the old landfill, and it is important to obtain information on a timely basis.  
          Carroll's final point is a video he has viewed of the military bombing a small island that is a bird sancturary.   Why isn't the Department of Land and Natural Resources concerned about that?     
          BIG RESULTS:  On Carroll's show of 2/1 and 2/8/15 Carroll discussed a fuel leaking from a fuel tank on Sand Island, and filed a letter of complaint to the federal government.   Link here to see documentation of results of the complaint.

















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