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   SUNDAY, May 4, 2014




        Carroll talks about Waste Management of Hawaii, Inc.'s 13-count indictment for management issues at the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill,  and his concern about why the State Department of Health and the City and County of Honolulu were not also indicted. The state does not have adequate management, oversight, or inspectors for the landfill operation.  Carroll  demonstrates how the state Department of Health and the City and County of Honolulu  intentionally and specifically manipulates public information and press releases to deceive the public and protect big business such as Waste Management of Hawaii, Inc.     

        Deputy Director Gary Gill still wants us to believe the big spill from the landfill, that occurred after a large rain storm on January 13, 2011, was solely due to its being a "100-year storm".   But, the problem started in December, 2010, when a drainage pipe plugged up, the landfill cell flooded with water, and the pumps were shut down.   Waste Management's storm management plans did not work, but the state was not concerned and did nothing about it.  On December 20 major damage was noted including electrical lines exposed, roads and slopes eroded, and seepage with solid waste exposed.  Also, an entire cell area was inundated, and "completely underwater".    The catastrophic failure occurred in December.    On January 6 or 7 Gary Gill was taken on a tour of the landfill to view the problems so he knew there were problems prior to the "big storm".   So, why is everyone saying the "problem" occurred on January 13?    Not only that,  Waste Management's lawyer claims the company acted "heroically" by diverting the  storm water.   Link here to StarAdvertiser's story, including attorney William McCorriston's comment.   

        Fees from the landfill are a cash cow for the city and county.   Waste Management is getting  millions to run the landfill. So, why weren't they prepared with a disaster plan prior to the "rainy" season, and why did the state tolerate the design flaws, ie, the drainage pipe that clogged?   They have had years to work on a storm system and disaster plan.   As usual, the city, the state, and the contractors build things that do not work.  

        Another related issue.  After the spill, on  the night of January 13, fifty signs were put on the beaches in or near Ko 'Olina to warn the public about contaminated water.   Only  later, after the public reported medical waste floating in the water, were two more signs put up along the coast in the Waianae direction.     Link here to a map of  the original sign placement.

        Note:  Carroll discussed the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill spill in detail on his 01/23/11 show and  01/30/11 show,  with follow-up on the 04/10/11 show.   Prior to 2011 he discussed landfill issues on a number of other shows.  Search our podcast list for "landfill".

        For more information, link here to Carroll's  original story and  documents.     Link here to pictures of the spill and medical waste, from January, 2011.

         Also, visit www.envirowatch.org for information and documents regarding the location and requested closure of the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill.





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