SUNDAY, JANUARY 23, 2011

      Carroll  talks about the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill overflow during the so-called "100 year storm",  and  "sterilized"  waste that washed into the ocean and onto our beaches.

      More than 10 days later medical waste is still washing up on the beach.   What else is washing up and buried in the sand?  What is DLNR, DOH, and the rest of our government agencies doing?

      View our latest investigation, news and pictures about the overflow.

      View more pictures, including young men quickly hired to pick up needles while the media was on the beach, but without the hazardous waste gear normally issued to government workers when dealing with potentially contaminated sites.  Shame on DOH and C&C of Honolulu for putting those young men in danger! This type of work is normally done by professional cleaning crews with professional gear.  

      Carroll also talks about more fraud and abuse, including City Council Member Ernest Martin's recent appointment as chairman of the Budget Committee even though audits show he poorly managed and abused the grant process  for at least 3 million dollars   (LINK to story)


    sanitary waste

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