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          April 17, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll and callers talk about the rail audit, and Carroll adds more information he is concerned about,  that is not in the audit or being discussed by HART. There is a 42-inch diameter water main under Dillingham Boulevard that was finished about eleven years ago, after ten years of work and tearing up the street.   The only mention of the water main that Carroll could find was an FEIS done in 1995 to install the pipe.  the water main is the primary source of water for Honolulu, Waikiki and Hawaii Kai.  The removal of the pipe would be expensive, costing hudreds of millions of dollars, and would require another imact statement.  If it stays where it is, what will protect the pipe from the weight of the rail?   If it breaks, can it be fixed if it is under the rail?  We will be asking the Board of Water Supply for more details, and asking HART to clarify how they will be handling the issues.    
          And what about the impact of other downtown infrastructure on the project?  Now that we are thinking about the town side of the project, it is much more complicated.  It looks like the project is just being thought out one step at a time, and up to this point it has mostly been going through open country.  Even so, we are way over budget, so what happens now?    Carroll reads information from the EIS for the water main, particularly requirements where it crossed the Kapalama Canal, which is federal property.   Was this also studied or required for the rail project?   Just re-doing the utility lines along Dillingham will cost over  $100 million, and that is a conservative estimate.  What other unknown costs are ahead?
          Another question is, who will run the rail after it is built.  HART said it isn't their responsibility.   The federal system is also at fault.   Where are they in the process and oversite, and why are they allowing all this to happen?  
          Link to the story on HawaiiNewsNow 4/21/16
          Link here to the first response to Carroll's questions from the Board of Water Supply received 4/21/16.  They sent us their answer to HawaiiNewsNow's questions .
          Link here to the Board of Water Supply's answers to Carroll's questions about the pipe, received 4/22/16.
                                                                     The 42-inch water main in Aiea and the bolts holding it together



                                                                    Middle Street Bus Station.  Will it all end here?  













                                                              Building the rail in Aiea

                                           What will happen on narrow Dillingham Boulevard?  


                             Wires above, but don't forget,  the water main under the road!











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