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      Carroll continues discussion regarding  Hawaiian politician's connection to ITN.  Articles were published in The Star Bulletin, and  The Honolulu Advertiser, and an inteview aired on KITV, but they did not cover the whole story.   Aiona stated he is not involved with ITN, he just attended one ITN conference, on a personal basis, like he would attend any other conference.  The discussions and videos posted on this website show that Aiona is more involved in ITN than he says.  Here is an ad Lt. Gov. Aiona filmed regarding a conference in Hawaii   (view the advertisement).

        ITN and Lt. Gov. Aiona want to make and dedicate Hawaii a "Christian State".  Where does this leave our other religions.  What about all of the Buddhist temples in Hawaii?  Will they, and other religions,  go away?

        We want to know, did Lt. Gov. Aiona's security guards travel with him to Argentina? If the trip was personal, as he claims, did we, the taxpayers, foot the bill for his security guards?





          Temple Emanuel

      Buddhist Temple

      Krishna Temple




    Link toThe Star Bulletin Story  "Lieutenant governor denies desire for state faith"

    See the story on KITV - 5/4/10 - by news reporter Daryl Huff

    Here are the ethics complaints filed by Carroll Cox on 5/4/10, and disclousre statements regarding donations for trip to Argentina.  News did not mention that contributions were also reported for Mrs. Aiona.  A total of $7200 was donated, as indicated in the disclosure statements.

           1.  Complaint on Lt. Gov. Aiona  (Republican)
           2.  Complaint on Senator Sakamoto (Democrat)
    3.  Attached is documentation showing donations to pay for Lt. Gov. Aiona, his wife, and Senator Sakamoto's trip to Argentina to participate in  the annual ITN event, and a letter I wrote to the politicians requesting that they denounce and disassociate themselves from ITN.


    Lt. Gov Aiona

    Mayor Hannemann


    Gary Okino

    Norman Sakamoto



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