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      Bruce Wilson is back to continue the discussion about Hawaii politician's involvement in ITN, a religious organization with ties to civil rights issues in Uganda and a mandate to install their religion in schools and government.



    Carroll and his guest,  Talk to Action  journalist Bruce Wilson, (  discuss Hawaii politicians, including  Lt. Governor Duke Aiona, Mayor Mufi Hannemann,  City Councilman Gary Okino and Norman Sakamoto's,  involvement with the International Transformation Network  (ITN) and its founder Ed Silvoso.  

    Hawaii’s politicians apparentlyhave a close relationship with this group, which is openly anti-gay, anti-civil union.  Bruce Wilson describes their supports Uganda’s current legislation to ban gays:   “ITN operatives have played a significant role organizing and inspiring Ugandan legislators who have drafted, cosponsored, and backed the draconian and internationally denounce Anti Homosexuality Bill before Uganda’s parliament which would mandate the execution of many HIV positive Ugandans and also require, on pain of three years in prison, that citizens report to the police anyone suspected of being gay.  The penalty for being homosexual in Uganda is imprisonment for life."

    See the story on KITV - 5/4/10 - by news reporter Daryl Huff

    1.   6-minute segment aired 5/4/10
    2.  Full 20-minute interview (raw footage)

    Here are the ethics complaints filed by Carroll Cox on 5/4/10

           1.  Complaint on Lt. Gov. Aiona  (Republican)
           2.  Complaint on Senator Sakamoto (Democrat)

    Bruce Wilson

    Lt. Gov Aiona

    Mayor Hannemann




    Gary Okino

    Norman Sakamoto


    Listen to Carroll's orginal show with Bruce Wilson broadcast 4/25/10

    Ed Silvoso is the head of ITN.  Visit Ed Silvoso's website at

    Attached is documentation showing donations to pay for Lt. Gov. Aiona, his wife, and Senator Sakamoto's trip to Argentina to participate in  the annual ITN event, and a letter I wrote to the politicians requesting that they denounce and disassociate themselves from ITN.

    Dr. Sands, one of our very knowledgeable callers on 4/25/10, has a lot to say about this subject.  you can contact her at if you want to discuss the topic with her.

    Read Bruce Wilson’s articles  Church-State Separation Expert Challenges Hawaii's Lt. Governor Aiona   at    and  Transforming Hawaii at

    How is it Lt. Governor Duke Aiona was praying with Uganda’s First Lady, Janet Museveni, and talking with her about Uganda and Argentina, at the 2006 ITN conference in Argentina?   Link to the You Tube  video:   

    Mr. Wilson has also posted the following videos:

       Aiona being blessed and anointed by Ed Silvoso and ITN,

         Ed Silvoso and Susan Mulcahy comparing their opponents to rats, at the 2008 ITN conference in Argentina:

          A clip featured on Ed Silvoso's ministry website, with footage of Duke Aiona dedicating Hawaii and its schools, on December 8, 2004, to Jesus. The clip is from a ~24 minute mini documentary on Transformation Hawaii:

           Video from a March 4-6 conference in Dallas, in which Ed Silvoso tells leaders in his movement that it doesn't matter if the Democratic or the Republican candidate in Hawaii wins because "both are in the kingdom." :

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