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        Carroll talks about the struggle of native Hawaiians and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands to get anything done.   Carroll recently attended a Hawaiian Home Lands Commission meeting in Hilo and was gravely concerned about what was (not) going on.   Carroll plays sound bites from a meeting where Darryl Young, Deputy Director of Hawaiian Home Lands,  makes comments that, because of media scrutiny, DHHL needs to change rules and "can no longer make special agreements",  because "they are under the microscope".   Young further states, "We need to be careful now."     What, and why, were special deals being made in the first place?    (Carroll exposed some of those special deals in previous radio shows.)  Beneficiaries just want a chance to be heard and a fair chance to lease and use the land. Special favors cannot be tolerated.    Note, Darryl Young  even contradicted himself at the meeting, stating in one instance leases and permits are race-based with 50 percent blood quantum,  then turning around and saying they cannot be race-based due to the Rice vs. Cayatano case.

        A caller who also attended the commission meeting tells more about it, including how corrupt it is.  

        STORY UPDATE  - The Honolulu Board of Water Supply has responded to Carroll's request for an investigation,stating they are suspending former employee Brian McKee's contract and starting an investigation of ethics and the contracts issued to  UTC-10 Consulting, LLC and its subcontractors.   (Listen to the second hour of our 11/3/13 show. )  Carroll provides more details about ongoing issues and concerns with the systems contract that are occuring while BWS customers suffer.

           Link here to read Carroll's letter, which details many of his concerns.             

          Link to Board of Water Supply's response to Carroll's letter.   

        Carroll's last topic is an update on his story about the DLNR patrol boat sitting in the harbor with a tree growing out of the motor (link to original story).   Carroll spent a couple of months observing their "new boat" sitting by a small office at Sand Island State Park.   It did not move the entire time period he had it under observation.  Unfortunately DLNR is another agency that is not up to par.   Carroll tells more stories.    Link here to pictures and more information about DLNR Dinghy.







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