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        Carroll  talks with Bruce Wilson from Talk to Action,  and David Crumrine, a resident of Vallejo California, about Ed Silvosa and the expansion of his ministry of political control  and hate in Vallejo, California.  You may think the extreme religious right is fading away, but think again.  Carroll and Bruce first talked about  the International Transformation Network (ITN), Ed Silvosa, and his influence on politics in Hawaii during the 2010 elections  (listen to our shows 04/25/10,   10/24/10 and 10/31/10).  Now Silvosa is at it again in California.   ITN is a political movement based on hate, stealth and deception to establish political power through control of elections and  elected officials.   You may recall,  Hawaii Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona lost his campaign for governor after  Carroll and Bruce  exposed him as a major follower of Silvosa.    Now Silvosa is trying to improve on his Hawaii model of politics and hate by focusing on Vallejo's bankruptcy and driving a wedge between the unions, the LGBT, and the African-American communities.  Pastor Anthony Summers,  who is campaigning for city council,  and their mayor, Osby Davis, are  followers of Silvosa and have participated in ITN activities for years.     Hatred is alive and well, and is popping up once again.   It looks like Silvosa, other ministers, their politicans, and their followers are starting a new language called "poligious".    Why are basic civil rights for everyone even in question?    

        Read Bruce Wilson's story about  Silvosa in Vallejo here.

        Learn more about religion in politics at  www.talk2action.org

        The second hour Carroll continues his discussion regarding problems at  the Honolulu Board of Water Supply (HBWS).    Carroll sent a letter to Ernest Lau , Manager and Chief Engineer of the HBWS, calling for a criminal investigation into contracts issued to Brian McKee and his recently formed company, UTC-10 Consulting, LLC,  for development of their infrastructure and new computer systems. McKee was formerly the head of the IT department at HBWS.  He quit exactly one year before he signed the consulting contract, which also included subcontractors EMA Consulting and Stepp Consulting, Inc.  Carroll has uncovered many examples of conflict of interest involved in developing the RFP,  evalulating proposals and choosing contractors.   He  is now asking Lau to stop the contracts until an investigation can be done.   The contractors are being paid millions of dollars.    Is it justified?  Exactly what is the money being spent on?       Link here to read Carroll's letter, which details many of his concerns.      

        UPDATE 11/21/13 - Link to Board of Water Supply's Response to Carroll's letter.

        Downstream with the Honolulu Board of Water Supply


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                        CAPITOL TESTIMONY - BOTH SIDES NOW


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          Update on the Matson Molasses Spill:    We have learned indirectly that Mr. Chris Lee, the Safety Manager for Matson,  is also an active duty reserve officer for the U.S. Coast Guard.   We sent a list of questions to Mr. Lee regarding  the spill, and the possibility of a conflict of interest while representing both Matson and the Coast Guard investigating the spill. Neither Matson nor Chris Lee has answered our questions (see attached).     Did,  and is,  Masdon benefiting from Mr.Lee's affiliation with the Coast Guard?  When the Coast Guard was in town he could not stop talking.  Now,he will not talk or answer our questions.   What are they hiding?