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   SUNDAY, November 22, 2015


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          November 22, 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

          Carroll starts the show with a discussion about the illegal confiscation of homeless persons' property, including medications and IDs. Several callers contribute to the discussion.   They also discuss  issues of fraud and ethics in the government, the performance of the Ethics Commission, the police chief, rail, and other concerns about life in Hawaii.  

          The second hour Carroll talks more about the PCBs and other toxic chemicals in the soil at the former Voice of America transmission site in Maili, West Oahu.  The Coast Guard  recently informed the Department of Health that they received money for the cleanup and hired an individual to oversee the project. They also note five homes abutting the transmission site are occupied, and the dust is a concern for the children living there.  Due to the many new homes in the area, the site is now a priority.   (Listen to our 10/18/15 show for more information.)      

          Next Carroll tells us more about the proposed $16 million solar-voltaic panel building to be built at H-Power as a result of fines imposed by the EPA for violations of the Clean Air Act at the old Kapaa Quarry landfill site.  The proposal includes letting Covanta, who runs H-Power,  recycle refrigerators and other white goods in the building  (discussed 11/15/15).   But, Covanta does not have any expertise in that area.

          Another issue is the poor management of the Department of Land and Natural Resources and other state agencies.  Suzanne Case, Chairperson of the DLNR,  has not helped the situation at all.   Case needs to work with all people of the state,  not just special interest groups such as the Castle Foundation, The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International.   The Department of Transportation is letting the new lane on the H1, Pearl City, crumble away until they can get around to paving over the many potholes.   The problems go all the way up to Governor Ige, his policies and his advisors.   For example, Governor Ige asked the EPA to delay implementation of the Mercury and Air Toxic Standards, and that request is causing concern to many people.     Then, there was the city's handling of the  August 2015 sewage spill in Waikiki while pumps that would have prevented the problem are sitting in storage.

          The final comments are about feral cats and the death of monk seals.  The  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration / National Marines Fishing Service published a brochure illustrating the cause is  toxoplasma from cats' fecal matter being washed into the ocean. But, what about all the sewage spills?   In addition to cats, the brochure shows toxoplasma being transmitted to humans from handling cat litter and eating pork, but nothing is said about sewage spills containing toxoplasma.  The brochure also includes rats in the cycle. Carroll asked NMFS questions but  they were reluctant to answer and give complete information.   Listen to our 5/03/15 show and our 5/10/15 show regarding the death of monk seal  N24.  












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