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   SUNDAY, October 18, 2015


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        Carroll  talks about the rail's Environmental Impact Statements (EIS),, ethics, and transparency.  He notes a lot of money was spent by officials traveling to the mainland just to look at trains.  The original rail documentation and draft Environmental Impact Statement notes the rail would run 8 miles from the airport to Waikiki and UH. The project cost was $870 million in 1993.   Things sure have changed.    Politics in action.   

        Carroll reads from the 1982 EIS, noting it states rail must not have a severe impact on businesses.  The statement also talks about its impacts on buses and parking lots.    Link here to the 1982 study.

        Link here to comments on the 1982 study.

        Link here to the 2013 Draft to the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement.

        Callers join in the discussion with some insights into some of the problems.

        Carroll also talks about the former U.S. Coast Guard Voice of America site in Maili, a portion of which is being uased as a  transitional residential site for the homeless.    There are a large number of PCB's and other contaminants on the site, including lead-base paint, asbestos.  Yet, the site is open and accessible to the general public.   There are some serious problems at the site.  Now our government wants to put the homeless there, potentially exposing tehm to health risks.    This another example fo the military failing to clean up former defense sites (FUDS).  




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