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        November 15, 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
        A Good Start - Carroll discusses the Black Life Matters movement and a history of slavery.

         In light of today's climate of African Americans being stopped for little cause, and sometimes shot and killed, Carroll talks about some of the history of slavery and its ramifications after the Civil War and up to today's current events.  

        A few years back Carroll collected documents from the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., while traveling up and down the East Coast.   He visited a number of sites where slaves were "imported" to the United States, the holding pens, auction sites, and cemeteries, to understand where hatred came from and what allowed people to create a society of lesser human beings.    He has copies of slave ship manifests that included young children and people in their 70's being shipped as slaves to many states in the domestic slave trade.  He also has wills of slave owners dividing their slaves up among the slave owner's families when they died including, the will of George Washington, the "Father of our country".   

        In addition, Carroll recovered  copies of newspapers from the 1920's casually reporting lynchings and other issues with the "Negro population" of the south. It includes stories about the Ku Klux Klan and people taking the law into their own hands.        


        Carroll has posted some of the slave documents he recovered.  Link to the following:

        Manifest and list of slaves - Pensacola, August 17, 1837.

        Manifest and list of slaves, Pensacola, November 23, 1838.

        Manifest Port of Ponchartrain, MS,  July 25, 1838.  Note many young slaves.

        Manifest, Port of Mobile,  November 1828.

        Manifest of Negroes, Mulattoes and Persons of Color, shipped from Norfolk to Mobile.Alabama, May 11, 1838.

        Registry of Free Negroes and Mulattos - City Record, Alexandria Virginia. 1809-1810.


        For example:

















        Carroll continues his discussion about local issues on O'lelo Public Television, Channel 54.  











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