SUNDAY, October 24, 2010


      Carroll brings back Bruce Wilson, of, to discuss Lt. Governor  Aiona's denial of his membership in Transformation Hawaii and his ties with the International Transformation Network.

      At the start of the show Carroll plays audio of Aiona talking about Transformation Hawaii and ITN. The video can be viewed on YouTube (link here).   Aiona also accepted donations for travel to ITN events in Argentina.  The State  Ethics Commission whitewashed and lied about their "investigation" of my formal etchics complaint against Aiona for accepting gifts of approximately $7,000 from members of ITN and its affiliates to  partcipate in ITN functions in Argentina. The local media is not reporting the story.  We wonder why.

      10/29/10 - MORE ITN NEWS    Link Here for more video and information about Cam Cavasso and other political candidates attending ITN events in Hawaii


    A Whale of a Tale

      During the second hour Kauai fisherman Greg Holzman and Kauai businessman Scott Mijares discuss the proposed expansion of  the Hawaii Humpback Whale Sanctuary and the dangers of Federal control of our State waters for the use in protecting corals, sea turtles, and Monk seals.   Do we really want the State of Hawaii to give control of our beaches, coastal and offshore waters to the Federal Government for the use as a National Marine Sanctuary?  For more information, see attached.  Also, go to:     

      The PEW Foundation, mainland and local environmental groups are working behind the scenes to influence the expansion without giving it proper process in Hawaii.  (See previous discussion of underhanded tactics used by Jeremy Personius, the local representative for PEW)



    SOMETHING OF NOTE:  Yesterday I had a ride on one of the best fishing boats ever.  You need to check this out!   Go to to see one of  the smoothest, best-appointed and driest fishing boat ever, designed and built locally for Hawaiian waters.  I was impressed, and you will be too!
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