SUNDAY, October 23, 2011



      Carroll and his guests, Marti Townsend, Alice Greenwood and Lucy Gay, discuss the Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan.  The plan has changed drastically since its inception and no longer reflects the communities' vision.  Developers have had a lot of say in the final plan, including an industrial park that will add more trucks to the already intolerable traffic situation.  They also discuss last minute changes to add a regional park across from the PVT landfill, an unacceptable location for such a park,  proposed under strong political influence without any forethought.   

      Much of the Waianae Coast area is farmland, growing food for Hawaii.   Carroll's guests ask that we "keep the country country".    You can help.  Please sign their petition at www.kahea.org.    It will be presented at a public hearing to be held at Kapolei Hale on November 2, 1:00 PM.

      For more information, call Marti at 524-8220, or email marti@kahea.org.    Also, Kahea is a nonprofit organization and really needs your donations to continue their great work.  Every dollar helps!  

      The last 30 minutes Carroll continues his discussion of Governor Abercrombie's emergency proclamation, first exposed here on  our 9/11/11 show.   What's the real problem behind our government?  Looks like Abercrombie is tanking while our legislators are asleep at the wheel.






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