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   SUNDAY, October 13, 2019


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          October 13,2019, Honolulu, Hawaii.  

          Carroll replays his show from December 20, 2019, regarding the H-Power audit.   The audit lists many violations of the city's procurement rules and the details of overspending.   As expected, the city disagreed with the audit and  issued statements to justify their practices.

          Carroll says it always comes down to the mayor.  Mayor Caldwell is busy on TV with bike paths, the homeless and othersuch matters.  Meanwhile the city and the government are falling apart and Mayor Caldwell has no comment.   First thing Monday morning, after a big editorial appeared in Sunday's StarAdvertiser,  he was on TV criticising the police chief!   Lori Kahikina, the Director of the city's Department of Environmental Services (ENV) wrote an editorial defending Caldwell and the ENV in today's StarAdvertiser, saying the problems occurred before they took over.  But, the problems occurred while Caldwell was part of the government, and they are on-going, particularly with Covanta's current efforts to take over white goods recycling without any prior experience and without bidding on the process.   Kahikina has previously shown her propensity for underplaying problems when sewage spilled into the waters around Waikiki during a big rainstorm.   Nothing will change unless the voters take charge and replace our current group of politicians with people who want to, and can, clean up the mess.


          Link here to Carroll's comments about the audit, and a link to the AUDIT OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES'  H-POWER CONTRACTS AND PROCUREMENT PRACTICES  Report No. 15-04 /  December 2015.

          Meanwhile, the EPA is complimenting H-Power, even though it has also been shown H-Power is exceeding pollution levels.   Read the City Council's Resolution regarding H-Power here.

          Link to Carroll's 11/8/15 show,       11/29/15 show    and 12/13/15 show for additional information  about the City and County of Honolulu's Consent Decree to build a solar-voltaic building at H-Power.  Carroll also discussed H-Power on the John Nolan Show, Monday, 12/14/15, 6:00 p.m.   Link here to listen

          Link here to  Carroll's 12/2/15 formal letter of complaint to Steven Chang, Department of Health, regarding Covanta's application for a permit  to recycle white goods in the new solar building .  Carroll requested and justified why the permit should be denied, including state laws and endangered species sanctuaries.  He has not received a response.  


          The second hour Carroll talks about what is happening at Ma'alaea Harbor and the lack of boat trailer stalls.  What was the solution?  They started charging for parking.   Hawaii continues to make it hard to access the water, even though the ocean is everywhere.  Remember the Ko'Olina boat ramp?  Callers contribute their thoughts.













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