SUNDAY, September 16, 2012



          Carroll and guest Bruce Wilson, from Talk to Action,  discuss religion in politics and Linda Lingle's connection to the extreme religious right, although she claims to be a "moderate" Republican.  Wilson points out the many friends/appointees of Lingle's involved in her past administration are now part of and contributing to her current campaign.  He discusses her connections to Hawaii Family Forum and Hawaiian Island Ministries, and how they influenced her administration as Governor of Hawaii.  What will happen when she and her friends get to Washington?  Will she once again be enabling the agenda of the extreme religious right as she did in Hawaii?  

          The second hour Carroll follows up on  his discussion of  voting rights from last week and plays a clip of Rev. William Barber's speech at the 103rd Annual Convention of the NAACP outlining some of the reasons everyone should vote.

          Carroll then brings up a problem he discovered with IPADs connected to the internet through Verizon Wireless.     After he upgraded his "prepaid plan" to receive more data his connection slowed down drastically.      Verizon  urged Carroll to change to a contract plan for access to more and  better towers.  Apple told him just to replace his out-of-warranty IPAD.  We kid you not.... listen to the conversation here!

          The last topic is a situation we found at some Maili Housing Projects.  Four playgrounds were dismantled in early August and the rubble was left lying around, close to homes and open for children to play on and the wind to kick up dust. The parents were concerned after a number of children became sick and had lung problems.  Per the parents, Mr. Lui Faleafine,  the unit manager, was not concerned and told them to "call someone who cares".    What has happened to our Aloha?    Read more about it here.    



        Maili playground dismantled and left behind.

        Worse, housing management did not care or even  try to fix!


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