September 13, 2012

This was once a children's playground.  Parents living in Hawaii Public Housing Authority's (HPHA's) AMP 44, Maili -1 housing,  located in the 8700 block of Maliona St.  in Maili, are concerned that at least six of their children have been sickened by chemicals contained in the materials  and piles of rubble next to their housing units.   The piles of rubble were left by an employee of Ewa Pointe Realty,  a management company that has now been replaced by Realty Laua LLC. 

Some of the parents claim that as early as August  1, 2012, playground equipment  in two of the playgrounds were dismantled and abandoned on sites located close to their homes.   Employees of the Ewa Pointe Realty collected some of the metal and delivered it to a recycler, but left the rest behind, as you see in these pictures.



They also claim that Mr. Lui Faleafine, Manager of AMP 44 and owner of Realty Laua LLC, told them that his priority was to repair houses and the playground materials were not his concern.    He said, "Tell someone that cares."

The parents are concerned dust from the piles of rubble will continue to threaten the welfare and health of their children  and other residents living in the complex.    They are asking the HPHA to remove the piles of rubble and restore the playgrounds  so their children can return and play as intended.

Lui Faleafine


We will continue to monitor this situation.    We are also concerned about the treatment the parents are receiving from Mr. Faleafine.  He was rude and offensive with Carroll Cox and refused to answer any questions asked by Cox.    Mr. Faleafine told Cox to contact the HPHA for any questions he had regarding the playground matter.    However,  Mr. Faleafine refused to provide a telephone number to the HPHA'S office.


UPDATE:  9/14/12:    Workers from the State Housing Authority returned to the housing areas and removed materials from four playgrounds that had been demolished.  The material was removed and trucked to PVT Landfill for burial.    See the "BEFORE" pictures below.  Click here to see the cleanup and the "AFTER" pictures.





The loose and crumbling material in the rubble

Fences were placed around playgrounds at end of the day