SUNDAY, September 5, 2010

      Carroll and callers discuss the upcoming elections and how information is (or is not) handled by the media and campaigners.

      To illustrate some of the lies and innuendos of campaigning, more information is provided regarding trash shipment violations and suits, Mailiilii stream dumping, sewage dumping, etc.


    Investigating the issues



    Gubernatorial Candidate Mufi Hannemann boasts a two million dollar plus campaign war chest.   Hannemann also boasts that he is supported by local labor unions, and  he claims to be a champion of local jobs for local people and locally owned businesses.   So, why is Hannemann’s campaign worker, Lee Williams, publicly disclosing and admitting to Carroll Cox, on the “CARROLL COX SHOW”, that the Hannemann campaign had some of their campaign banners made in the Philippines.  The money spent in the Philippines could have and should have been spent here to help the local workers and businesses.
    Listen to Lee Williams’ comments and conflicting statements about his working with Hanneman’s campaign and being paid by the Hannemann campaign.  Williams claims he routinely drives the large truck with the two 9 ft.  Hannemann campaign banners (pictured below), waves signs, and places signs around the island of Oahu.   The banners reportedly cost $80  -  $90 each and were produced in the Philippines.   Hannemann also has bumper stickers made in the Philippines.   The truck is stored in Waimanalo, Oahu, on property owned by Kevin and Carol Andrews.  The truck is reportedly owned by a son of the Andrews.   A check of recent campaign spending reports did not reflect their names or their campaign activities, but they may have submitted a supplemental report since I last checked.  We will follow up.

    Reportedly banners like this were made

    in the Philippines.



    Attend the Gandhi International Institute for Peace rally, in celebration of Ghandi's birthday, on October 2, 10:00 am, outside the Honolulu Zoo by the Gandhi statue.  This is the International Day of Peace, with interfaith discussions, multi-cultural dances, and the Royal Hawaiian Band.  To donate or volunteer, contact Dr. Raj Kumar, 808-372-1444,, or visit their website at
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