The Carroll Cox show has obtained a copy of a Civil Lawsuit,  Civil No.10-1-1449-07GWBC (Complaint and Summons), filed by WILLIAMS SCOTSMAN INC. AGAINST HAWAII WASTE SYSTEMS LLC on July 2, 2010.  

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The complaint has four counts and alleges that "In or about November 2009, Defendant entered into a master equipment lease agreement with Plaintiff for the lease of equipment.  Specifically,  Defendant leased from Plaintiff equipment described as trailers, containers, relocables, modular and/ or prefabricated structures."

The filing occurred prior to the departure of Mayor Mufi Hannemann, whose administration entered into an agreement with Hawaii Waste Systems LLC to ship out trash to Washington State. Yet Hannemann continued to accommodate the failing company and refused to cancel the contract with the City.

The complaint claims that the "Plaintiff has attempted to recover the equipment and storage containers from Defendant but despite demand being made, Defendant has refused to turn over the equipment and storage containers to Plaintiff".

"In the alternative, Plaintiff would seek an order to require the city and County of Honolulu to reclaim or take back its municipal solid waste and to make arrangement for the removal of the Municipal Solid Waste from Plaintiff's storage containers."

This revelation comes as no surprise, and leaves the taxpayers of the City and County of Honolulu with another potentially costly outcome. Hannemann is unphased or effected by this situation, and continues to run for governor of the State of Hawaii. This doesn't speak well of Hannemann's record for the environment despite his campaign ad claiming he has a good environmental record.


Containers of trash the company wants emptied and returned:


Williams Scotsman Inc does business in Hawaii as Hawaii Modular Space --