SUNDAY, August 5, 2012


      Carroll continues the discussion about the  increase of aircraft noise at Kaneohe Marine Corps Base over the past couple of years.   Listen as he plays a recording of the noise.    We wonder, why was Barber's Point shut down.   Planes  at Barber's Point can fly over the ocean.    KMCB is on a bay, not an open ocean, and the natural bowl of the bay holds the noise in, as well as spreading out to the housing surrounding the base.    With the expansion of the military in Hawaii, there will be even more problems.

      The second hour Carroll talks about the bad behavior of politicians.   Kimo Kelii, neighborhood board member and campaign manager for Tom Berg, has been threatened with sanctions for his behavior at neighborhood board meetings.   We have posted a video of one of the board meetings here.  Carroll also talks about the involvement of Mr. Tom Heinreich, the executve secretary of the neighborhood commissions, with an illegal dumpsite on a residential street in Manoa that includes large storage bins rented by Mr. Heinreich.   

      The big item this week is a $330,000 grant to the nonprofit organization, Poi Dogs and Popoki, for a mobile vehicle.  This is a good cause, but follow the money,  friend to friend.   Alicia Maluafiti, a pro-rail campaign donator, friend to Mufi Hannemann,  and official of Go Rail Go,  is director of  Poi Dogs and Papoki.   What influence did Governor' Abercrombie's Deputy Chief of Staff, Blake Oshiro, who is also a board member of Poi Dogs and Popoki, have on getting the grant?  City Councilman Ernie Martin, former head of the Office of Special Projects,  is also involved in the process.  Many within the veterinarian community  have voiced concerns about the lack of RFP's, justification for the grant, and Poi Dogs and Popoki's qualifications for running the program, as well as the usefulness of one mobile unit vs. many fixed sites.  (A mobile unit was tried before, but did not work).

      Do you think there are too many seals around the main Hawaiian islands, and they are depleting our fish population?   Look here and think again.



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