Councilman Tom Berg's Campaign Manager  threatened with possible

sanctions by the Neighborhood Commission


A number of the complaints were filed against Mr. Kelii by community members who claim he was bullying, threatening and disrespecting them  by interfering with their right to speak at Neighborhood Board meetings.

We have posted a number of Mr. Kelii's letters, and a video of the board meeting that was filmed by Mr. Jack DeFeo,  a community member.     In the video, note the numerous interruptions, outbursts and insults Mr. Kelii hurled at some of the community members who were attempting to speak.

Mr. Tom Berg was present in the audience at the time this video was filmed.  He did not intervene or attempt to contain Mr. Kelii,  who is also his campaign manager.

In a letter to Chair Sylvia Young and members of the Neighborhood Commission , Thomas J. Heinreich, Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commission office submitted a written recommendation to initiate a hearing to consider the imposition of sanctions against Nanakuli Board No. 36 member Kimo Kelii for "several egregious violations of the Neighborhood Plan".