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   SUNDAY, July 24, 2016


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          July 24, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll  and mayoral candidate Tim Garry talk about city ethics.  Politicians say they are going to seek the best for us and protect our interests.  But, there is something terribly wrong, starting with the state and city's Ethics Commissions.  Some very prominent people sit on the board.  How can they have let the Ethics Commission be so dysfunctional?  
          Last week Mr. Garry attended the ethics board meeting.  He asked the board to direct the Ethics Commission to open up the file of complaints so the public would know what is going on with some of the candidates running for office.    The commission does not have investigators, and complaints regarding the rail and other issues are not being looked at.   There is no oversight, but the board said they would not release or investigate any complaints.  It was even suggested that Mr. Garry should go to the media, knowing it would not do any good.  
          Carroll filed a complaint against Mayor Caldwell for using city property for campaign activities.  He did not receive acknowledgement that the complaint was received.  Mr. Garry notes, on the day of the campaign rally some media representatives even commented that they thought the activity was illegal, but did not report it.  
          Natalie Iwasa also calls in to express her disappointment in the lack of action by the Ethics Commission and gives some examples of some of the problems she has encountered.  Mr. Garry states the lack of an active Ehtics Commission is a violation of the public's civil rights.      
          See Resolution 16-164 asking for an audit of the Ethics Commission, and ask Councilmembers Ron Menor, 768-5009, and Trevor Azawa, 768-5004, to lend their support.  

          The second hour Carroll's guest is mayoral candidate Ron Hochuli.  He was a teacher and Vice Principle at St. Louis School.  After that he was an officer at Merrill Lynch.  After he retired he volunteered to work with at-risk youth and other charitable organizations.  He also directed a homeless shelter on the Big Island where he helped with homeless transitions and finding jobs.  So, Ron has a broad background and knowledge in both the financial and nonprofit sectors,  working with people in all situations.           
          Carroll and Hochuli talk about ethics, development, our sewage and run-off problems, homelessness, trash, rest rooms, and many other issues.  Ron notes government is not focusing on the people who live and work here, including the need for affordable housing and infrastructure.  He notes special interests are the problem, particularly when it comes to rail.   He  wants  to work for campaign reform,  particularly eliminating money received from outside sources for special consideration.   Ron says it is not currently illegal, but it is certainly unethical.   Ron lays out his thoughts about his many concerns and his stance on the issues.
          Ron's website is hochuliforhonolulu.com.  You can make comments, and he will respond to your questions.   His phone is 808-469-1233

          BIG RESULTS:  On Carroll's show of 2/1 and 2/8/15 Carroll discussed a fuel leak on Sand Island, and issued a letter of complaint to the federal government.   Link here to see documentation of results of the complaint.












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