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   SUNDAY, June 26, 2016


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          June 26, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll talks about operations at the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR).    Carroll was told Governor Ige intervened in DLNR hiring practices by overriding the selection process for promotions on the Big Island, and directing DLNR operations on Mauna Kea during the telescope protests.  Governor Ige appointed Suzanne Case, the head of the nonprofit Nature Conservancy,  to head the Department of Land and Natural Resources.  She now runs DLNR as if it is an extension of several nonprofit organizations, ignoring highly trained and experienced state workers in favor of workers from the private and nonprofit sector.  Carroll talked about problems with Case running the DLNR on several of his past shows.    
          As previously reported, Carroll asked Suzanne Case and DLNR questions about Conservation International and Castle Foundation providing funds to UH Hilo so DLNR could hire contractors.    Carroll received answers admitting outsiders were being paid by nonprofits to work at DLNR.  See the attached questions and answers illustrating how Suzanne Case allowed non-profits to influence DLNR's policies and programs.
          Another example of problems at DLNR occurred this month.   Suzanne Case appointed Thomas Friel  as head of DOCARE but on June 16, she turned around and fired him,  later forcing him to resign.   Friel wanted to clean up problems due to mismanagement at the DLNR, including missing guns, no accountability, and bad officer behavior.  After Friel initiated several investigations, Case turned on him.    Carroll reads from the letter from Case to Friel, dated June 16,  saying Friel did not follow the chain of command, did not respect management, and did not meet with his branch chiefs, so she was dismissing him, effective June 27.    On June 21 Case issued a press release stating she had accepted Friel's resignation, effective June 27,  and telling us what a great job he had done.  
           Link here to a petition to Reinstate Tommy Friel  
          The current management style and culture of the DLNR is not in the best interest of the people and protection of our natural resources,  historical and cultural sites.   Once again, Carroll is asking Governor Ige to dismiss Case.

          The second hour talks with attorneys Bernie Bays and Mike Carroll  about their appearance before the 9th Circuit Appellate Court in Hononlulu regarding GMO crops on Maui. They are representing opposition to GMOs on Maul and advocate the passage of an ordinance to have the GMO companies conduct a study to show GMO farming is safe before they can initiate any new crops.   People are particularly  concerned about chemical drift, surface runoff into streams, ocean pollution, and chemical percolation into the drinking water.  The study must show GMOs are safe for humans, the environment and the economy.    Maui is also concerned GMOs may taint local crops and self sustainability, as well as discourage tourism if crops are polluted by chemicals.
          The lawyers initially filed the matter in state court.   Subsequently the GMO companies successfully filed a motion to have the matter heard in federal court.  Today they talk about the issues, the current standing of their case, and the next steps.   












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