DLNR Response



Date: June 24, 2016 at 8:06:34 AM HSTv
Subject: Fwd: DLNR Response

1)    What Community-based Substance Fishing Area (CBSFA) post-designation procedures does your agency have in place, and what more do you intend to put in place? The post designation process is being developed now, to outline how communities requesting CBSFA designation and the DLNR will monitor an area that a community has requested for designation.

2)    Please provide a description of the first phase and what has been accomplished. The first phase was the writing of the community guidebook that outlines standardized procedures and entitled “Community-based Subsistence Fishing Area Designation Procedures Guide.” This has been completed and is available on line.

3)    What agency or organization does Ms. Erin Zanre- and Mr. Ka'ilikea C. Shayler work for?  Ms. Erin Zanre is employed by the University of Hawaii – Hilo and Mr. Shayler is employed by the National Coral Reef Institute (NCRI) at Nova Southeastern University.

4)    Are they employees of DAR or any other division within the DLNR? No.

5)    What is the funding service for Ms. Zanre and Mr. Shayler? Mr. Shayler is a Coral Fellow in the Coral Reef Management Fellowship which is funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the Department of the Interior (DOI).  Funds are contracted through NCRI and paid by the Nova Southeastern University.  Ms. Zanre is paid by UH Hilo.  The funding source is through a grant from the Harold C.K. Castle Foundation.
Please note that the Hawaii Attorney General previously issued a formal opinion that a state agency has “inherent authority to accept such gifts to assist in carrying out its duties and is also authorized to use those gifts in accordance with their terms.”  Haw. Att’y Gen. Op. No. 92-04 (June 26, 1992).


8)    What is Ms. Zanre's official title and job description? Ms. Zanre is the CBSFA planner.

9)    What formal training or experience did Ms. Zanre and Mr. Shayler possess (CBSFAS) before they were hired to carry out their duties on behalf of your agency? Mr. Shayler is a Coral Fellow that was chosen by the NCRI and placed in DAR.  Ms. Zanre has previous experience related to community-based resource management.

10) Did the Castle Foundation and/or Conservation International provide the funding for either Ms. Zanre or Mr. Shayler position? Castle Foundation provided funding to UH Hilo for Ms. Zanre. Some of Mr. Shayler’s work is covered under this same grant.

11) Who administers the funding for employment and expenses for Ms. Zanre or Mr. Shayler? Mr. Shayler-NCRI through Nova Southern University. Ms. Zanre through UH Hilo.

*14) Did you or your predecessors authorize Ms. Zanre or Mr. Shayler to drive state vehicles?  If yes, who advised you and what date? Mr. Shayler: Not authorized at this time. Ms. Zanre: Not authorized at this time but has used a state vehicle at least once in the past.


*15) Is Ms. Zanre or Mr. Shayler authorized to represent DAR at public meetings? Mr. Shayler may represent DAR at public meetings at the authorization of his supervisor-Point of Contact /DAR Administrator. Ms. Zanre, as a state contractor is not authorized to speak in an official capacity on behalf of the DLNR but is authorized by the DLNR Chair to speak on the CBSFA program as a subject-matter expert.
16) What funding source provides travel expenditures for Ms. Zanre or Mr. Shayler ? Mr. Shayler: NCRI; Ms. Zanre: UH Hilo
*17) What funding source was used to pay Ms. Zanre's travel expenses to other states or countries? UH Hilo.

18) Did the Castle Foundation or Conservation International provide funding to any party at U.H. Hilo to pay the salary of Ms. Zanre or Mr. Shayler?  If yes, please identify the party at The University of Hawaii and the amount.  The Castle Foundation provided funding for Ms. Zanre.  NOAA and the DOI provided funding for Mr. Shayler.  Conservation International did not provide any funding for either position.  Please check with U.H. Hilo on further questions associated with the grant.

19) Is there a memorandum of agreement or other formal written document that defines the relationship of Ms. Zanre and Mr. Shayler's working relationship with your agency? Mr. Shayler: Coral Reef Management Fellowship Program Mentor Guidebook Agreement and the Coral Reef Management Fellowship Policies and Procedures.  Ms. Zanre-the grant proposal between the DLNR and the Castle Foundation outlines details of the relationship.

20) Has anyone advised you or your staff that the working relationship between Ms. Zanre, Mr. Shayler and your agency is illegal and violates state law?  No.