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   SUNDAY, May 8, 2016


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          May 8, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll and guest Jack Reid talk about the deteriorating condition of the Paumalu Bridge and the cost to north shore residents.  Reid lives on the North Shore, is a neighborhood board member, and is very concerned about the situation.   The Department of Transportation decided the bridge is unsafe for heavy vehicles so they prohibited them from crossing the bridge.  The HPD directs traffic at the bridge during the day to make sure truckers do not cross.   However, city buses and school buses are still allowed to drive across.   
          Because of the restriction on heavy vehicles, and because the only place to dump sewage is in Pearl City,  companies that pump sewage from cesspools on the North Shore must drive twice around the island, doubling their travel time and costs. The cost is passed on to the residents.   The truckers are asking the government to open additional sewage dump sites to alleviate the situation but their request is not being taken care of.
          The mayor's job is to find solutions to city problems.  The state has deferred maintenance for years on the bridges and most of our other infrastructure.  Will it get done before it is too late?  
          Link here to more information and pictures of Paumalu Bridge. 

          The second hour Carroll's guest is Rod Tam.    First they discuss the ethics of Mayor Caldwell's campaign rally on the steps of city hall.  Tam tells us, when he was in office and went  to City Hall to campaign he was told he could not hold campaign signs on the lawn.  Tam also tells us he knows of another person who was arrested when he campaigned on City Hall steps.  Caldwell claims the City Hall lawn is a free speech zone.   But, the definition of  "free speech zone" is an area to hold political protests without threat of harassment or arrest.    Carroll reads from the campaign laws regarding use of public property.   
          On May 5, 2016, after the rally, Carroll filed an ethics complaint.   Link here to story and pictures
          Civil Beat did a story regarding the ethics complaints.     Also, link here to the KHON news story  about the ethics complaints.   Hawaii Free Press did a story about city workers attending the rally.  
          Carroll tells us how the mayor has failed in many ways, including the continuing acceptance of fraud and abuse in government offices.  
          Carroll and callers also discuss politics, Colleen Hanabusa, transparency, and HART.









                                                   Paumalu Bridge -  above and below






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