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   SUNDAY, May 1, 2016


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          May 1, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          5/5/16 - Breaking News - Carroll files an ethics complaint after Mayor Caldwell campaigns at Honolulu Hale.   Link here to story
          Carroll's guest is Karen Awana, former State Representative for the Waianae area.  They talk about the many issues facing the Waianae Coast, including roads, technology, hot schools and PCBs in the soil.     Karen Awana stresses "it is the knowledge of getting things done" that is needed.   For the schools, the wiring needs to be upgraded, but it is the Parent-Teacher organizations, along with the community,  that need to step in to get it done.    Karen and Carroll also talk about the importance of voting and the many ways you can vote such as early voting and vote by mail.  If you don't speak up for yourself, you won't be heard.  
          Karen talks about some projects she proposed as a State Representative,  what is needed for the projects, and getting them to move forward. Carroll tells us how Waianae is not treated the same as other communities.  A contraflow lane is now under consideration to help ease traffic, but that is still under discussion.  Karen notes four bus stops will be taken away, as well as two crosswalks.   The public has not been made aware of that particular issue.  Also, there are no off-road areas at the bus stops for the bus to pick up people, so when the bus stops, all traffic will stop on the one-lane side of the road.   And many side roads will not have left-turn lanes, so there will need to be alternative turns and routes to get on the road you want.  
          Carroll talks about how Colleen Hanabusa and Mayor Kirk Caldwell are a big part of the rail problem.   Hanabusa is also a resident of the Waianae Coast, but has not had  a positive influence on the community.  
          Carroll and Karen also discuss the high rate of suicide in Hawaii.  They attended a meeting about what can be done about it, such as implementing hot lines, and letting people know they should not be fearful to intervene.  
          The following picture is of the former Voice of America site in Nanakuli, and the new houses built next to it.   We recently reported a high level of PCB's are in the soil (listen to our show from 1/3/16).     At first the state denied there were PCB's, or that it was even an issue.  The problem has been there for years.  Only now, after we complained, are they talking about cleaning it up.    Just another example of political neglect on the Waianae Coast.









                                               Pokai Bay, Waianae Coast, Oahu   








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