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   SUNDAY, April 21, 2013



            Carroll's guests, Howard McGinnis and Kim Falinski, are back to talk about the plight of bees (Howard was last on our show 3/20/11).     In 2007 bees were decimated by mites.  Then, in 2010, small-hive beetles arrived, causing even more damage.    Mites can be treated,  but beetles are much harder to get rid of and will destroy the physical hive.    If the colony is large and strong, the bees can often defend themselves, but without good bee crops it is hard to maintain a strong hive. Listen to this great discussion about bees.

             If you see a swarm of bees, or a wild colony, contact Howard at  258-7296.  They are always happy to gather up a swarm and start a new colony.  Check out their website at nalo-meli.com   to learn more and purchase bee products.  They are also at the farmers' markets so you can taste their great honey.


          The second hour Carroll talks about "Rail-Volution" and Pacific Resource Partners' connection to rail.  Every year there is a Rail-Volution Conference in various cities around the country.  PRP has paid for councilmembers and government officials to attend the conference for several years, as far back as 2007.   Carroll asks why PRP is involved?  Why were they paying for city employees to attend when this is a city project?  Is it another attempt to buy influence?   Are the large donations given to influence the city's decisions on the rail?     Attached is one of many  trip reports written by councilmembers between 2007 to 2012.





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