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   SUNDAY, April 13, 2014




        Carroll provides more information on calcium hydroxide dumped on Hawaiian Home Lands property in Kalaeloa (as reported on last week's show).   This story, along with recent stories of oily sludge seepage on state land in Halawa, dredged sludge from Hawaii Kai dumped in Waianae,  molasses in the harbor, and so many other illegal dumps and spills reported in the past,  once again illustrates problems at the Department of Health and other government agencies.   When a complaint is filed it appears the next step at the DOH is to go into damage control to protect political entities instead of correcting the real problem.   This is corruption at its finest, from our mayor and governor, to DHHL, to our local and national leaders, and on down the line.   

        In this case, DOH authorized Floyd Carns of FCS, Inc.  to clean up the calcium hydroxide dumped on DHHL land.  In addition, DHHL indicated Matt Mooney of  Road and Highway Builders, where the material originally came from, had also directed Carns to do the clean up.     Carms  submitted a plan to DOH, and they approved it, but Road and Highway Builders, DHHL and DOH were not at the site to supervise the actual clean up, leaving it in Carns' hands to do what the state had authorized him to do.   We have to wonder, how could DOH authorize a plan that did not include containment of dust generated by the process, and why weren't DOH, DHHL and Road and Highway Builders at the site during the cleanup?  Were they hiding behind the scene?

        When we asked the Department of Health about the calcium hydroxide, they repeatedly told us they were sampling the material to determine if it was toxic.   However, we have since learned that two weeks ago, on April 4, 2014, they received clearance to place the material in the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill.   So, for two weeks they lied to us about testing and the disposition of the material while all along they knew they had authorized and cleared it to go to the landfill.   

        It appears the Department of Health and the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands are once again attempting to protect Road and Highway Builders.  Was Floyd Carns the scapegoat for DOH, DHHL and Road and Highway Builders?   Everything about this operation was wrong.    However, as we now know, it was just business as usual for the DoH and DHHL.    


        Recently our stories were featured on HawaiiNewsNow - see following links for videos and more information.

        Our request for city and state officials:   Clean up your act - this needs to stop now!


        Along the same lines, a caller reports what appeared to be illegal trucking he observed in Kalaeloa.  Link here to our story on 8/18/13 about this or a similar issue.

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