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          April 10, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll tells us Mayor Caldwell is getting accolades for forbidding travel to Mississippi because of their stance on gay rights.   Really?  Why are employees going to Mississippi?  Hope it is not to check out the education system because their system is on the bottom of the ratings.    At least the thought is good, but maybe he should think more about our problems, particularly how we treat the homeless.    
          More talk about the cost of the rail and what the socio-economic costs add to the overall cost to residents of Hawaii.   For example, on at least one  holiday the Waikiki parks didn't even have toilet paper in the rest rooms.    I'm sure we can all think of things that are not happening as they should.    So, what is the real cost?   
          There are six highly qualified commissioners on the Ethics Commission is another example of the costs.  There are six highly qualified commissioners, including judges, yet the Ethics Commission is in shambles over ethics and the rail project.   And, what about  HART?    All checks and balances have been compromised.  We recently received a document regarding complaints about CharlesTotto's  and the Ethics Commisser's actions regarding the rail project, but it was heavily redacted.   Link here to view document  and all of the blacked-out items.    It only gets worse.  Apparently, the commission is now asking the investigators to document what they are doing every six minutes.  
          Regarding the rail, frequent caller Richard Deconti notes,  "Nothing has been done right from day one."    They discuss the issues, noting the problem is the whole working of the system.  Audits come out exposing the issues, but still nothing is done and there is no enforcement.    Is this where America is heading?
          There are so many built-in obstacles in place that hinder democracy.   Remember, every recent election has had voting problems, and that is not just in Hawaii.  Is that democracy?    Richard notes, it is time for civic responsibility for the good of all citizens.
          Carroll notes Mayor Caldwell's involvement, as an officer,  in a real estate and banking company.  Carroll questions what that means to the rail project and other city business.  
          Last week Carroll discussed the August 28, 2014,  Hawaii Community Development Authority (HCDA) press release about donations for Ocean Safety at Kewalo Harbor. The press release, from former Governor Abercrombie's administration, with Caldwell in the background, stated the Hawaii Community Development Authority and Ward Village donated a dock, a lifeguard station and a "state-of-the-art rescue boat"  to the city for ocean safety.   Read The 2014 Press Release

           Per the press release,  "The HCDA donated a rescue boat worth up to $120,000 to the city Ocean Safety and Lifeguard Services division".   The boat, which is not state-of-the-art,  arrived approximately two years later, and, was not donated to the City and County of Honolulu as stated in the press release.   The city has answered our questions about the situation.   One answer to our questions states the city is paying $960 a month to moor the boat at the harbor.   Link here to read the questions Carroll asked, and answers from Shayne Enright, Ocean Safety Division. The following pictures  are of the boat, the lifeguard station, and the new dock at Kewalo Basin. 

          Link here to a media advisory Carroll wrote regarding the rescue boat.





          The final topic is  an illegal dump site at Keehi Lagoon.  Who is doing the dumping?   Of all possible entities it is the Department of Land and Natural Resources!   DLNR is always talking about alien species and protecting the environment.    Here it is.    Link here to see Carroll's complaint and more pictures.  










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