SUNDAY, April 7, 2019

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          April 7, 2019 - This is a repeat of Carroll's show of 8/26/12.  

          Carroll and guests  participate in a lively discussion regarding the development of the Nanakuli Village Center, an affordable housing project on Hawaiian Home Land proposed by the Nanakuli Hawaiian Homestead Community Association.  Kimo Kelii says the matter has been openly discussed for 10 years, but only now has it become a point of contention.  One issue is the use of federal funds for the project, particularly with federal requirements for non-discrimination in housing.   Jackie Ku, Bird Mahelona, Tom Berg, Kimo Kelii, and callers express their views and ask why OHA is not doing anything about it.


          The second hour Kathryn, a concerned citizen,  tells us what happened after she testified at a neighborhood board meeting about what she claims is a problem.   As she was walking out, she was bombarded with criticism and threatened with a citizen's arrest and the poice were called.   At the meeting Kathryn testified about alleged ethic violations by Councilmember Tom Berg's staff,  and asked "is this the type of leadership we want in our community?"  Tom Berg responds to her concerns on air.  Kathryn also expresses her feelings about being verbally attacked and threatened, and wonders if the democratic process is working.

          Link here to a response  from a Tom Berg Supporter


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