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          March 20, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          Carroll's guests are John Carroll and Rod Tam.  They continue their discussion regarding the impacts of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, also known as the Jones Act, on Hawaii.  The question is, should it be modified or repealed, and if it is, will it benefit Hawaii.  (Listen to Rod Tam  and Tom Berg on our March 6 show for beginning of discussion.)  
          In 1920 the Jones Act was passed to protect the United States from competition and build up our shipping industry so ships would be available in times of war.   The act specifies a ship cannot participate in interstate commerce unless it was built in the U.S. and manned  by U.S. citizens.     But, at this point in history, is it still effective, or even needed?
          Basically, the law means a foreign ship cannot drop off part of its goods here, then sell the remainder at a mainland port.  Tam notes the net effect on our economy is obvious, and made even more so because Matson has a monopoly on shipments from the west coast.
          Carroll Cox asks if repealing or modifying the act will guarantee benefits for Hawaii, and how will it affect other states.   Tam notes the Public Utilities Commission is prohibiting competition.  Also, he tells us Dan Inouye, who strongly supported the Jones Act, had an interest in Matson.    John Carroll notes the more trade going on, the better off everyone would be.
          A caller says you cannot make a case without knowing how it will  affect the bottom line, and that point has never been adequately covered.   He says there has never been a compelling case made to repeal the act because it will not have much of an effect on what people pay for things here.   He then says it all depends on individual interests.  John Carroll notes the huge price difference in what people pay for cars and staples in California versus Hawaii.  Rod Tam says the Jones Act has a direct impact on the cost of living in Hawaii and asks why there has never been a definitive study.  That is why there is so much debate about the subject now.   People cannot get behind something they do not understand.  
          Tom Berg tells us a study was made in 2003, published in Hawaii Business News, saying the Jones Act only costs Hawaii citizens a few cents a day, a small price to pay for security.
          The debate goes on.
          John Carroll is a former state senator.   Rod Tam is a former state senator and city councilman, and will be running for office again.   Callers support Tam and are asking John Carroll to run for U.S. Senate,  because "they are for the people of Hawaii".     Rod Tam can be reached at 808-216-5454.  














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