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   SUNDAY, March 6, 2016


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          March 06, 2016, Honolulu, Hawaii.  
          The first hour Carroll and guest Rod Tam talk about Mayor Caldwell, Chuck Totto and the Ethics Commission, elections, and the media.  Unfortunately, it has come to the point where the media plays a big part in telling the people whom to vote for, and big business funds the candidates, and thus the media outlets.    

          Carroll gives the example of the recently released, very negative,  H-Power audit and why Mayor Caldwell and the StarAdverterser are not saying anything about it.

          Richard calls in to discuss the rail, asking where are they going to get the money to finish the project.   Rod Tam notes HART is not being held accountable, and they make more money when it takes more time to build the rail.   

          Rod Tam tells us basically the City Council is not representing us as a people, with government for and by the people.  A lot of information is suppressed and kept hidden from the people.   If we don't speak up,  we lose.   

          Rod also tells us, besides government,  economic problems in Hawaii are caused by  the Jones Act and  double taxation on business.  Economic problems also include the high number of  homeless, noting the number is in the thousands but no one knows for sure because the homeless are not just those living on the streets.

          The second hour Tom Berg joins Carroll and Rod Tam in the studio.  Tom Berg talks about the 10% cut of the 5% rail tax the city takes in to administer tax collection.  Back in 2007, Berg tells us the city was told the cost would be $750,000.   Since then the city will not say what it costs, but they collect many millions a year.  There is a law on the books that a tax cannot be collected for more than a service costs.  Apparently the money goes into the general fund, and much of it is directed to the other islands.   Tom Berg says Mayor Caldwell is simply stealing the money from the public.   

          The next big issue will be property tax, that, per Rod Tam, will go sky high to pay for everything.   This will be a big problem for senior citizens on fixed incomes, many of whom may lose their homes.  

          Caldwell has said the public voted him in to do what he wants to do.   Rod Tam and Tom Berg tell us,  "Don't vote for Caldwell" next election. Contact Rod Tam at 808-216-5454.   Contact Tom Berg at tomberg00@yahoo.com.


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