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   SUNDAY, March 16, 2014



        Carroll brings us up to date on past stories, but first he talks about the process to appoint Mr. Michael D. Wilson to the position of Associate Justice of the Hawaii Supreme Court.  Questions have been raised, including a story about a complaint by a Miss Universe contestant and her chaperone back in 1998.  However, there is no documentation because at the time he was Chairman of DLNR, the situation was covered up.   Allegedly, other women have complained about past actions, but since nothing is documented, nothing can be done.   So it goes....


        Next subject is the situation with trash pickup, broken trucks, bulky items and inspectors, wasted money and taxes.   There is no efficiency in state and city agencies.  Maybe Mayor Caldwell and Governor Abercrombie should clean up all the waste and mismanagement instead of raising our taxes and fees.


        Carroll then talks about the hearing regarding the Red Hill fuel leak, which turned out to be nothing more than a sales pitch for the Navy.   In spite of hundreds of pages of documents showing past spills, both large and small,  the hearing was a dog and pony show, and all politics.    Carroll compares Red Hill  to what happened at Camp LeJuene, where many people were sickened and dying because of water contamination on that base.    A concerned caller contributes details about the Red Hill Tank Facility she found online.  Carroll then talks about medical waste flowing into the ocean from the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill during a big rainstorm, how the  Department of Health handled the situation, and maybe why we should not trust the DOH under any circumstance.  Listen to our 2/16/14 show and our 2/23/14 show for more information.


        As reported during last week's show, the Department of Health is also involved with a case of faulty septic tanks at the Lalamilo development on the Big Island by shielding the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands from prosecution  and not enforcing the law. Although the tanks are illegal and nonconforming, and DOH has known that for several years,  the tanks have not been replaced by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands.    Why hasn't DOH prosecuted DHHL for the illegal tanks? One of the homeowners, Leonard Low,  finally sued, as a last resort, to get something done.  Now Mr. Low, Molly Waikiki and other lessees are being harrassed  by DOH and DHHL.  Carroll provides additional information about the situation.    In an email dated 3/13/14, Gary Gill responded to my request for information as follows:

        Aloha Carroll,
        It appears to me that the matter you wish to speak to me about is currently in litigation.  Thus, it makes it very difficult for me
        to discuss the topic with you or in a public forum.  If I am mistaken, please let me know the questions you would like me to address.  
        I will try to provide the answers that are not restricted by our Attorney General.
        Thanks for your understanding.

            Lalamilo, Hawaii  -  Not as nice as it looks

          How can Gary Gill cover up and protect DHHL while leaving Miss Molly to suffer the consequences of their bad practices?


          Molly Waikiki, who is 77  years old,  waited 40 years to get her home in Lalamilo.    Now she has to live with the smell of sewage in her front yard, and even in her house.  She says she is embarrassed when relatives and friends arrive, and she spends most of her time in the back of her house to avoid the smell.    She lives in the country but cannot enjoy fresh country air.   After 40 years she has literally ended up in a cesspool.   


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                                                             Curious bird


                                                    Gary Gill testifying at the Red Hill Fuel Tank Hearing


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