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        Carroll  continues his discussion about the Red Hill Fuel Tank Facility's fuel leaks, giving specifics about past leaks and the Red Hill Oily Waste Disposal Pit documented in materials he obtained from the Hawaii State Department of Health.    He reads from documents talking about an oily waste disposal pit used to contain spillage, rinse water and bottom sludge from cleaning the twenty 12.6 million gallon fuel tanks at Red Hill.   The pit was unlined from 1943 to 1948.  A new pit was built and lined with asphalt in 1972, and used until 1986.    Documents tell us oily water and sludge from the pit entered South Halawa Stream, which flows directly  into Pearl Harbor.    Documents also indicate that it is not clear what happened to the waste from 1948 until 1972.  However, it was noted that some waste was dumped into the grass.

        Is that why Pearl Harbor is so polluted we cannot  eat the fish and shellfish?     What is in the aquifer?

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        Link here to more pictures and information about Red HIll.

        Link here to Red Hill documents.   (File is very large, wait several minutes.  To view - click on folder in upper left corner, then select document from list.)

        Link here to questions Carroll sent to the State Department of Health on February 13, and the answers he received back on February 19.  .   

        Carroll obtained a letter dated February 12, 2014, from the Department of Health to the Navy,  inquiring into the Red Hill fuel tank facility's release of fuel oil, saying,  "This letter addresses the requirements of DOH-UST Program and the regulations governing USTs under Hawaii Administrative Rule (HAR) Chapter 11-281 Underground Storage Tanks."      Link here to the letter.

        Note:   Carroll provided many of the documents he recovered to the StarAdvertiser.   They used the documents for their front page story    "Fuel leaked dozens of times over 6 decades, Navy says".  on Sunday, February 9.




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