SUNDAY, February 19, 2012



      Carroll talks about problems with the Abercrombie administration, including the disarray at DLNR's Department of Boating and Recreation, highlighted by the recent embezzlement case filed against Mr. Wesley Choi.   We first reported problems with DOBAR in March, 2011 (link here).

      There is also a problem with contaminated soil in housing areas at Hickam, Schofield, and other military bases.  New homes are being built on the bases during the removal of old homes and their foundations.   However, the soil under the old homes, seriously contaminated with various chemicals used for termite and pest control,  was exposed and moved around during the tear down.    Carroll talks about how the problem is being covered up.  

      The second hour Carroll talks with a young, newlywed,  military couple that were scammed when trying to rent an apartment on Oahu.  They share their story in hopes that others will not fall for the same thing.   Watch out for "Julie Coleman"  and her husband, claiming to be missionaries in Africa (among other things) and offering an apartment on Wailina Avenue.   If it's a really good deal, it probably is not.     Scams go both ways - a caller talks about her experience being scammed as a landlord trying to rent her apartment.

      The last few minutes Carroll talks about  his ongoing investigation of Senator Clayton Hee's relationship with the Hawaiian Humane Society, the Humane Society of the United States, and other "animal welfare" groups.  What's the agenda?    Read more here.



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