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   SUNDAY, December 30, 2012


          Carroll talks about gun control, illustrated by questions regarding the recent death of a DLNR DOCARE law enforcement officer on the Big Island.  Carroll asked William Aila, head of DLNR, a number of questions about the incident including whether or not training, internal affairs, and other support is provided to officers carrying guns. Aila refused to answer  
          (see attached).     

          On our  December 9, 2012 Show, we talked about violence in the cockfighting community and a person who allegedly shot into a home.  Shortly after the shooting we found a facebook account where an A. Florence was offering an AR-15 assault rifle for sale.   Link here for pictures and more info.

          Carroll wonders why children are not allowed into movies with sex and profanity while they are being exposed to so much violence in movies, TV and games without questions or concerns?

          How much does government, and society in general, have to do with these shootings and other violence?   It is becoming the US and THEM government.  Who can we trust?




            Just watching another year go by - same as the last one.


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